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School Learning Plan

Vose Elementary School


WE teach students knowledge and skills for our evolving world.

WE seek, support, and recognize world-class employees.

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WE engage students with a variety of relevant and challenging learning experiences

WE create learning environments that promote student achievement.


WE build honest, safe, and inclusive relationships with our diverse students and their families.

WE provide needed support so that every student succeeds.

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WE work and learn in teams to understand student needs and improve learning outcomes.

WE partner with our community to educate and serve students.

Our Story:

Vose Elementary School was built in 1960 and completely rebuilt in 2017. Vose currently serves around 700 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grades (1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 2% Asian, 2% Black/African American, 5% Multiracial, 24% White, 65% Hispanic/Latino). We also serve our students through two Emotional Growth Classroom (EGC) programs that support students from Vose as well as neighboring schools. Our students speak at least seven different languages, with the majority speaking Spanish and/or being bilingual in Spanish & English. Over 70% of our students speak a language other than English at home and are Ever English Language Learners. As a Title I school, Vose has about 75% of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. We recently qualified through the Community Eligibility Program as a 100% building-wide free and reduced school for the 2020-2024 school years. 

Vose Elementary School currently has two strands of instruction. One is Dual Language (DL) immersion in Spanish, the other is English Only (EO). We have expanded our DL program to include 3 classrooms in each grade level in Kindergarten-5th grades. Our DL program has been in existence for over 25 years at Vose. There are 2-3 classes of English-Only in grades K-5th. In both DL and EO classrooms, we use the workshop model for instruction in math, writing, and reading. We focus on knowing each of our students as a learner, reader, and mathematician through our Multi-Tiered System of Supports. We utilize the IRLA/ENIL for reading assessment to provide specific guidance on where the students are as readers to empower them and to determine what strategies need more refinement. In writing, authentic published writing and continual daily practice provides us with a roadmap for instruction. In math, we use Math Workshop (including number talks, collaborative small groups/Math Congress, etc.), Contexts for Learning Mathematics by Cathy Fosnot strategy landscapes, and focus on the use of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) eight mathematical practices to ensure we are supporting individual learners. Each of these areas necessitates conferring to set up individual goals, and strategic grouping during work time to link instruction to student needs. Throughout all instruction we strive to encourage Habits of Mind to facilitate higher level thinking and play inquiry where students can do hands-on learning through play & discovery.

Our staff and community typically support our students through after school programs such as Choir, Dance Club, Marathon Kids, Recorder Club, Rhythm Club, Homework Club, Concerned Kids Club, Oregon Battle of the Books/Batalla. 

At Vose we are continuing a full-implementation of the collaborative co-teaching ELD model. This model provides high levels of collaboration to ensure that students experience instruction with their age-like peers. Each classroom teacher is supported by a highly qualified co-teacher who is ELD licensed and is considered a part of their grade level team. The classroom teacher and the co-teacher collaborate daily to create specialized instruction with an emphasis on literacy.

Our outreach and community gatherings have informed us that we need to continue to expand our efforts to include, engage and support our diverse families and broader community especially around technology, food & clothing resources and instructional partnership. We develop community partnerships to support our students and families as well as our status as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) school through activities such as free food distribution, library book giveaways and tutoring.

We also prioritize working collaboratively with families to improve and support daily attendance for each of our students. Our goal is to always work systemically to remove barriers and create family-centered solutions in addition to ensuring every student has a positive relationship with their teachers and peers at school and they have access to engaging and inclusive curriculum and instruction.



Date of Last Revision: November 28, 2022

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District Goal: WE empower all students to achieve post-high school success.